Soul Saga

In 2011, I was vacationing in one of my favorite places, Santa Cruz, and a storm had formed along the coast. When I was sitting on my balcony, watching the powerful waves hit the shore, I listened to the cry of the seagulls as the wind blew through my hair. The beach was deserted, not a soul in sight. It was in this moment that the Soul Saga was conceptualized in my mind. People draw inspiration from random places. Sometimes it can be music, art, or an overheard conversation, but in that moment I was inspired by the majestic view before me. I grabbed my laptop and started typing

Months later, after my first draft was complete, I finally had the courage to show my closest friends. It was the first book that I was comfortable enough to show to others, and I finally took the plunge. To my fortune, they claimed they loved it. After they finished Soul Catcher, they looked at me with saddened eyes and asked, "You have the second one, right?" It was through their encouragement that I decided to publish the novel, along with the other two.

I would like to take all the credit for this series, but that would be wrong. Without my panel, my personal editors, this series wouldn't have been as wonderful as it is now. They were courageous enough to tell me when I was wrong, that chapters had to be rewritten or deleted altogether. Without this amazing support group, The Soul Saga would be a fraction of what it is now. They put up with my neediness and read this series more than once. Without them, this wouldn't have been possible.

I hope you enjoyed Soul Catcher as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'll keep you posted!

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