Thursday, August 22, 2013

Soul Binder, the sequel to Soul Catcher, will be released soon. Here is an excerpt:

Accacia stared at him, silently pressuring him to answer her question. She knew he would eventually. He told her everything; at least she thought he did.
            “I—I just don’t deserve you,” he whispered.
            “That isn’t true.”
            “Yes, it is, Accacia,” he said with a sigh. His eyes were still glued to the celestial heavens up above. He didn’t have the strength to look at her; he was ashamed.
            “We all do things we regret, Aleco.”
            “And what have you done, Accacia?”
            She thought for a moment; she couldn’t think of anything. “Well, I didn’t return to Father Giloth one afternoon like I promised. I came back to the house after dark and he was frightened something had befallen me—I felt horrible for hurting him.”
            Aleco shook his head. “So, basically you haven’t done a single thing.” Accacia didn’t respond to his words. She didn’t know what to say. It was true; she hadn’t committed a single crime. She had never killed anyone; she hadn’t even killed an animal. “I used to be a monster, Accacia—I’ve done unspeakable things.”
            “Let it go,” she said as she hugged him. “You aren’t the same person, Aleco.”
            “That doesn’t vindicate me for my crimes. I deserve to be put to the sword. You were right to deny my love to begin with.”
            “I was right for accepting you into my heart—you have always been there.”
            “You wouldn’t be lying beside me if you knew my crimes, Accacia. And I would judge you if you stayed.”
            “Nothing in your past will change our present, Aleco. I know you aren’t the same person. You are a great man. I don’t care about the man you used to be.” Aleco avoided her gaze and continued to look into the night sky. She could feel the anger coursing through his body; he hated himself. “Tell me the worst thing you ever did, Aleco.”
            He finally looked at her. “Why?”
            “I’ll prove it to you,” she said. “I will still be here after you tell me. It will change nothing.”
            Aleco sighed. “It will change everything.”
            “Try me.”
            “I don’t want to lose you.”
            “You won’t,” she said firmly.

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