Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Edge of Love-Chapter 1

Here's the first chapter in the third installment of the Forever and Always Seres!

I pulled the blanket over my legs and rested my hands in
my lap. The temperature was always so cold on planes, and it
made me shiver. I glanced out the window and saw the clouds in
the sky. Even though the plane was soaring at an immaculate
speed, the floating white marshmallows remained stagnant. Sean
and I were flying to Connecticut for the weekend. I still didn’t
understand why.
I leaned my head against the seat and looked at him. “Is
this necessary?”
Sean looked up from the book he was reading. “I want to
tell them in person.” His eyes returned to the novel.
“Do they even know we’re dating?”
He looked back at me. “Of course they know, Scar. I told
them as soon as we got together. Believe me, they were thrilled.
They love you.”
“You’re still dropping a bomb on them.”
Finally, he put the book down, abandoning his attempt to
read. He stared at me. “They’ll be happy, Scar. I think my parents
deserve to hear about my engagement in person. I know my
mother will be ecstatic.” His shirt hugged his body tightly and I
could see the muscles of his torso. They covered his ribs and his
stomach, making him appear chiseled. His arms were large,
almost the size of my legs, and I found myself staring at him. I
couldn’t believe we had been friends so long, but this attraction
didn’t stem until recently. It was odd. Sean was gorgeous. How
did I not notice it? Staring at the blue irises in his face made me
feel hot and bothered. The idea of staying with his parents and
sleeping down the hall from their bedroom wasn’t appealing
“Sean, I want to stay at a hotel.”
His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Every time I came to
visit Sean’s family, I always slept in one of the guestrooms. I
never asked to stay elsewhere. “Why?”
“We are a couple now—it’s weird.”
He shook his head. “My parents don’t care, Scar. We can
sleep in the same bed in my old room. There won’t be a problem.
You are my fiancĂ©. Besides, they know we live together.”
I rolled my eyes. Sean could be so slow sometimes. “You
don’t get it, Sean.” I pulled the blanket further up my body,
fighting the cold. “I want to have sex.”
Sean’s face broke into a grin. “I know you do.”
I rolled my eyes again.
“Scar, you are such a slut.”
“You like me that way.”
His grin widened. “Hell yeah I do.”
“I mean it, Sean. I don’t want to stay there. The idea of
having sex in their house makes me really uncomfortable. You
won’t be getting any from me.”
He rolled his eyes. “Okay,” he said sarcastically. “Like
you aren’t just going to rape me anyway then ask me to fuck you
as hard as I can.”
I glared at him. “You are so conceited.”
“Only for you.” His blue eyes stared into mine. The look
gave me shivers. “I know how much you want me—all the time.”
He was completely right. I wanted to have sex more often
than he did, which was why this trip was annoying me. I couldn’t
imagine practicing sexual abstinence for three nights in a row.
“Sean, I mean it.”
He sighed. “You know how my mom is. She’ll never let us
stay anywhere else.”
I knew he was right. “Fine. Then we aren’t having sex this
He stared at me, and I felt unnerved by the look. He leaned
closer to me, and I could smell the scent of his skin. It reminded
me of the sweat that dripped from his chest when we made love. I
always licked it away because the sight turned me on so much. His
voice came out as a whisper. “I can have you whenever I want,
I tore my gaze away and ignored him. His supernatural
ability to arouse me with just his words annoyed me sometimes. I
didn’t want him to realize how much power he had over me so I
acted indifferent to him. Besides, this was a long flight. I didn’t
want to be horny for the entire journey.
Sean leaned closer to me and I felt his arm brush against
mine. He rested his hand on my thigh then moved underneath the
blanket. My heart accelerated in my chest when I realized what he
was doing. I knew I should stop him, but the slut within me
wouldn’t let me. His palm ran up my thigh then slipped under my
dress. His fingers started to rub my clit gently, teasingly. I stared
straight ahead and tried to control my breathing. My heart was
racing out of control. His ministrations increased and I started to
sweat. It felt so good and I couldn’t hide the pleasure I was
feeling. I started to breathe loudly. Quiet moans started to escape
my lips. I turned to Sean and buried my face in his neck, trying to
be quiet. I could hear the smile in his voice.
“Open your legs,” he whispered.
Even though I was ashamed, I did as he commanded. His
fingers rubbed me harder and he slipped two fingers inside me. I
grabbed his forearm and gripped him tightly. I was so aroused, so
excited, that I didn’t care that people were around. I continued to
breathe into Sean’s neck while he pleased me the way I liked. A
part of me felt ashamed, but the other part of me couldn’t care
It felt so good. “Sean.”
He rubbed me harder, and I felt the orgasm build inside of
I grabbed his neck and moaned into his ear, anticipating
the explosion about to take place inside my body. Suddenly, he
pulled away then grabbed the book he was reading earlier, picking
up where he left off. He didn’t look at me while he turned through
the pages.
The loss of his fingers sent me into a withdrawal. I still felt
the sweat on my breasts and the arousal between my legs. I knew
what game Sean was playing. I wanted him to lose, but I wanted
to come more.
I grabbed the book and put it down. Then, I leaned closer
to him and pressed my lips against his ear. “I want you to fuck me
in the bathroom.”
His smile was wider than I’ve ever seen it. “That’s what I
I pulled down my dress then rose from my chair. I walked
down the aisle of seats until I reached the bathrooms. I grabbed
the first one that was unlocked then walked inside. I waited a few
moments for Sean to join me. My body was in a blaze of longing,
and the desire was escalating the longer I waited for him. I was
angry at Sean for making me feel this way, but at the same time, I
loved him even more. I couldn’t resist him.
The door opened and Sean walked inside. As soon as he
locked the door behind him, I grabbed his face and kissed him
hard on the mouth. I unzipped his jeans as fast as I could and
pulled them to the floor. I felt his hard dick in my hand and
listened to Sean moan quietly. He was panting for me, wanting to
fuck as much as I wanted to.
The bathroom was cramped, tiny, but we didn’t need much
room anyway. Sean turned me around and pushed me against the
sink. He stared at me in the mirror while he lifted up my dress.
Then, he grabbed my leg, removed my shoe, and rested my foot
on the sink. I was very flexible, and Sean loved that about me. He
continued to stare at me while he pressed his dick against my
entrance. Just the touch of his cock against my clit was enough to
make me crumble.
He grabbed my raised thigh then my opposite hip,
prepared to pound into me as hard as he could.
I knew he was teasing me, building me up until he actually
penetrated me. He stared at me in the mirror, waiting for me to
beg him. He wanted to prove his point. That he could fuck me any
time, any place.
I met his gaze. “Fuck me.”
He smiled then inserted himself inside me. The feel of him
moving within me, stretching me, made me gasp involuntarily. He
leaned his lips to my ear and hushed me. He thrust himself hard
and fast inside me. I gripped the rim of the sink as he slammed
into me, over and over. I bit my lip as I tried to keep quiet. It felt
so good that I didn’t want it to end. I felt the orgasm start to take
over my body. Sean, who knew my body better than I did, pressed
his lips against my ear.
“Enjoy.” He rubbed my clit as I rode the wave of my
orgasm, gripping his neck while he continued to fuck me like a
dog in heat.
“Yeah, baby.”
“Sean.” I gripped him tighter as the euphoria spread
through my body, long overdue.
“You are such a slut and I love fucking you like a dirty
I moaned as I finished my orgasm. My body still felt
tender as he moved inside me.
“Now it’s my turn.” He pounded into me harder than ever
before. I watched his face as he met his pleasure. He leaned his
head back as he gasped, his lips slightly open. He closed his eyes
and moaned, coming inside me. He grabbed my hips and bucked
into me. “Yeah. Fuck yes.” The sight of him getting off aroused
me again. He rested his head on top of mine and caught his breath.
“Finger me.”
Sean smiled. “That wasn’t enough?”
“I love watching you come.”
He moved his finger to my clit and rubbed me
aggressively, fingering me at the same time. “I do, too.” He stared
at my reflection in the mirror as he shoved his fingers deep inside
me, rubbing the flesh in the front of my vaginal wall. The
combination of his fingers and his thumb rubbing the nub at the
apex of my thighs had me shaking with pleasure.
“Come for me.”
I moaned. “I am.”
My head rolled back, leaning against his chest as I felt my
orgasm spread throughout my body, igniting my body in a blaze. I
started to moan loudly, but Sean covered my lips with his until the
moment passed.
When I caught my breath, I stared at our reflection in the
mirror. I looked exhausted and satisfied. Sean looked like he just
won an Olympic medal. He was grinning at me triumphantly.
He pressed his lips against my ear. “You’re a filthy
“Only for you.”
“You got that right.” Sean stepped back and dressed
himself. I returned the shoe to my foot then pulled down my dress.
My hair was a mess so I straightened it with my fingers. Sean
washed his hands then left the bathroom, closing the door behind
him. I leaned against the wall while I waited for the time to pass.
Sean was the best sex I’ve ever had, hands down. There were
times when we made love, and other moments when we fucked
like animals. I didn’t know which I loved doing more. It was a tie.
I couldn’t believe that I was marrying him. He was my best friend
and the greatest lover I ever had. Sometimes he could be a cocky
asshole, but I loved his flaws just as much as his perfections. To
me, Sean was absolutely perfect. We had our problems in the past,
but now I trusted him completely. I know he would never lie to
me, cheat on me, or hurt me in any way.
I waited a few moments before I left the bathroom and
walked down the aisle. When I reached my seat, the old lady
sitting in the row adjacent to us glared at me, clearly disapproving
what my fiancé and I just did. Her hair was gray and she wore
thick glasses that made her eyes look huge. She wore a classy
outfit like she was a professor at a prestigious college. I couldn’t
care less what this old bitch thought. I glared back.
Sean caught the exchange. “Are you going to throw
popcorn at her?”
A smile crept across my lips but I tried to fight it. I leaned
back in my seat and sighed. Now that I came, I felt satisfied and
sleepy. That was a really good fuck, one of the best we ever had.
We’ve had sex in public places, but this was our first time
screwing on a plane.
Sean leaned toward me and kissed me on the forehead.
Then, he pressed his lips against mine and kissed me gently. When
he pulled away, he rubbed his nose against mine while he looked
into my eyes. I felt my heart melt at the sight. It was obvious how
much Sean loved me. He knew when to be aggressive and
dominant when we fucked like rabbits in spring, but knew when to
be gentle and loving when we made love. It was the perfect
He smiled at me. “You feel better now?”
I felt my cheeks blush. Even though I was satisfied, I was
embarrassed by my previous behavior. I really was acting like a
total slut. I nodded but didn’t speak. He kissed me on the forehead
again. “I love you.”
My heart constricted at his words. “I love you, too.”
“I’m glad I please you so well.”
I smiled. “Well, today was a great performance but it
doesn’t change anything. We still aren’t having sex at your
mother’s house.”
Sean rolled his eyes then leaned back in his chair. “I’ve
had sex with tons of women at my parents’ house.”
I narrowed my eyes at him. “Is that supposed to persuade
me? Know your audience, Sean.”
He sighed. “Fine. We’ll stay at a hotel. But I have a feeling
my mom won’t allow it no matter how much we argue with her.
It’s inevitable.”
I leaned closer to him. “Just be firm.”
He smiled then grabbed my hand, placing it over his
erection. “Like I am with you?”
I hit his shoulder. “Don’t be gross.”
Sean pressed his lips against my neck and kissed me
gently. His mouth stopped at my ear. “You like it when I’m
gross.” He continued to kiss me.
I felt eyes bore into me and knew I was being watched. I
looked across the aisle and met the gaze of the woman who was
glaring at me earlier. Her look of disapproval had increased by
tenfold. Sean placed his hand on my thigh then trailed his lips to
my chest.
The anger ignited in my body as I looked at her. Without
thinking before speaking, I said, “Yes, we screwed in the
bathroom. Get over it.” Sean pulled away and looked at me,
shocked that I just announced our transgression to everyone in our
vicinity. The other passengers started whispering to one another as
they listened to my words. Within a few seconds, everyone was
talking about it. The pretentious woman finally looked away.
Sean smiled then shook his head. “Such a slut.”


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