Friday, February 28, 2014

Flight of Life Reviewer $125 Visa Giveaway

Visa Gift Card Giveaway for Flight of Life Reviewers

As a thank you to all of my loyal reviewers, I'm giving away a $125 Visa Gift Card.

Just paste the url to your Amazon review in the rafflecopter below. It's that simple. Winner will be announced on 4/15/14.

And here’s the synopsis of the novel.

Everyone is good. Sometimes they just do evil things. 

Despite the loss of his parents, the torment he suffers in high school, and the fate of the entire world weighing on his shoulders, Calloway still believes that life is worth living – even if it isn’t.
A mysterious glowing orb and a picking knife – gifts left behind by his father – somehow hold the key to Calloway’s destiny.  But what are they for?

An ancient race known as the Hara-Kirs seek to harbor the essence of all humans, and now they have their sights on Calloway.  Constantly looking over his shoulder, Calloway doesn’t understand why he’s being followed and, more importantly, why he hasn’t been killed. The Hara-Kirs have had plenty of opportunities to claim Calloway’s life, but have since left him spared.  

Calloway’s journey leads him to the ominous Kirin book, which, with the help of his two friends, opens a portal to another realm known as The Anti-Life.  What waits behind the portal is a darkness that Calloway can’t even fathom. But an even stranger prospect has unfolded: could Calloway’s father still be alive after all – as a Hara-Kir?  And if he is, what does that make Calloway?

With the help of his two friends, they decode the ancient text and investigate the portal that leads to the other side. The Anti-Life. During their research, Calloway realizes his father may not be dead after all. But if he isn’t, where is he? Why would his father abandon him? Did he ever love Calloway? His friends suspect his father was actually a Hara-Kir, which was how Calloway received the gifts, but Calloway refuses to believe it. His father was a good man. He’ll prove it.
Weston, the girl that Calloway immediately feels connected to, is the leader of the White Wing, a group of warriors that fight against the Hara-Kirs. But she doesn’t trust Calloway. All the information works against him. If his father was a Hara-Kir, what is he?


  1. I was just wondering if a winner was announced for the giveaway?

  2. I'd like to know the winner as well :)

  3. I would like to know who won as well. :)

  4. The giveaway has finally ended, and the Visa Giftcard goes to Lisa H! Congratulations!

    Thank you to everyone who read and reviewed my novel. I really appreciate all the analytical and critical reviews. It really helps me learn and grow as a writer.

    I intend to have another giveaway for this novel, so if you already wrote a review but did not win, you may have another chance.

    To be keep up on updates and other giveaways, subscribe to my newsletter at

    Thank you so much everyone. I really appreciate it.

    Happy Easter. =)