Sunday, October 20, 2013

Forever and Always Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from the second novel, Forever and Always, in the Forever and Always Series.

“So,” he said. “Can I take you to dinner?”
“Well, I just ate.”
“When has that ever stopped you?” He smiled.
I hit him lightly on the shoulder. We were back to the way we were, except our relationship was different. It seemed like we had the best of both worlds—our friendship and our love. “Stop making fun of me.”
“I make fun of you because I love you. Think about it that way.”
“That doesn’t help.” I smiled.
“How about some dessert, then?” he asked.
“Well, I just had a milkshake.”
Sean smiled. “Then let me take you out for a drink.”
“Are you trying to get me drunk?”
He shrugged. “We’ll see what happens.”
“I’m going to shower and change,” I said. “Please make yourself at home.”
“Thank God,” Sean said. “I was worried that you were going to go out like that.”
I grabbed his stomach and tickled him. “You got me,” he laughed. “But you know I think you’re beautiful no matter what you wear, even my old college jersey.”
“Well, I’m a hot piece of ass,” I said as I walked away.
“You are my hot piece of ass now.”
I turned around and looked at him before I disappeared in the hallway. “I like it.”
“Good,” he said. “Get used to it.”
I showered then changed my clothes, wearing a tight fitting dress that accentuated the curves of my body. After I applied my makeup, I looked in the mirror and felt satisfied. I looked like a million bucks.
When I came back into the living room, Ryan and Cortland were sitting on the couch with Sean, and they all looked at me when I walked into the room. Sean was blatantly staring at me with a hungry expression.
He stood up and walked towards me. “You look—”
“You better get it right this time.” I smiled.
Sean smiled at me. “Like a wild, sexy beast.”
“Thank you,” I said. “That was just the compliment I was looking for.”
Sean laughed. “Are you ready to go?”
“Where are you guys going?” Ryan asked.
“Well, since this fatty already ate and stuffed herself with a milkshake, I am taking her out for a drink.”
“My sister can be a garbage disposal,” Ryan said.
“Now look who’s being a brat,” I said to my brother.
He laughed then looked at Sean. “Good luck with her.”
“Thanks.” Sean laughed. “I think I’m going to need it.”
“When did this turn into a Scarlet-bashing?” I asked.
Sean kissed me on my head. “It’s only because we love you.”
I looked at him. “Well, maybe you should try hating me instead.”

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